Purge Day 14: Books

October 14, 2014


Day 14 Purge via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Welcome back to the 31 Day Purge.  Today we are sorting through and purging books. If you are a lover of books, you probably need it most. Don’t forget the kids books too. Have a great day purging!


Purging Books via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Purge Day 14:  Books

Task:  Browse through every bookshelf in your house.  Pull out any books you no longer want, probably won’t read, & outdated reference books.  Sell the books to a used bookstore or donate to your local library or shelter.

Organizing Tip:  Reorganize your bookshelves into genres.  Designate each shelf as a different category.

My Bookshelf:  I love to read, so I keep my books in the area where I use them most,  organized on a bookshelf in my master bedroom.  If you love to read as much as me, join my virtual book club & see the books we’ve read.


Purging Books via A Bowl Full of Lemons 2


If you are new to the purge, start at the beginning HERE. Don’t forget to share your purge pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #abfol31daypurge.




6 comments on “Purge Day 14: Books

  1. Jen C. says:

    It’s interesting to me that every other purge, you recommend taking everything out, sorting through, and reorganizing…but not with books? That seems to be the area where people generally could benefit most from that style of purge.

  2. Danita says:

    Jen C., she stated under “Task” that you should “pull out any books you no longer want, probably won’t read, & outdated reference books. Sell the books to a used bookstore or donate to your local library or shelter” and THEN organize by genre.

    Great job as usual Toni! I get excited every morning to see what’s next. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Haley says:

    I am surprised you even recommend purging books, maybe magazines, but books? I would never ever get ride of something that teaches my children to read and learn, and stay away from videos games.

  4. Dory says:

    Nope, not my babies 😉 My new rule is that if it a favorite author and I am willing to buy the hardcover, then I buy it. Otherwise I borrow from the library or buy a digital format. If you are getting rid of kids books, check with your neighborhood school- classroom teachers are always looking for books and have a very limited budget.

  5. Jennie Shutt says:

    This is my second week following along. I’m enjoying looking over my spaces and seeing how I can improve. http://awelcomingheart.blogspot.com/2014/10/week-2-of-31-day-purge.html

  6. Michele says:

    I just have to make the comment here – that children can learn to read and do so far more blissfully – by taking a book from a well organised and easy to access bookshelf. As an old book hoarder myself – I found I read less and less of my own books as my shelves got over-run with books. I was using the library most of the time, while my own collection was building up and taking over my home!! In the end, I faced facts – I was never going to read them all, and the messy appearance of a pile of books I was never going to live long enough to read – was simply depressing. You can tea ch your children to read AND to live without excess. To know that you don’t have to own every book you see – but that having just a few at a time is OK!!! And that clutter isn’t fun – getting rid of delivers a much more stress-free life!! AND that it is really REALLY cool to share books, by moving on the stories you have read to others who might enjoy them, makes space for a couple of new ones you might like to read!!!. Just like money – all paper has energy – keep it moving!!! Even now – as well as a shelf full of books – I notice my Kindle getting rather ‘overloaded’.. And now when I want to choose a new book – the choices can be a little overwhelming – more is definitely NOT always best!

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