Purge Day 19: Kids Clothes

October 19, 2014


Day 19 Purge via A Bowl Full of Lemons


We are now on day #19 of the 31 day challenge!  This month is going by so fast.  Wow!  If you haven’t already purged all of your kids clothes yet, today is the day to finish.  With the seasons changing, now is the perfect time to get it done.  To help you out, grab a free seasonal clothing swap printable here.
Day 19 Purging Kids Clothes via A Bowl Full of Lemons 31 Day Purge


Purge Day 19: Kids Clothes

Task:  Pull out all kids clothes from closets (and drawers, if not already done).  Purge clothes that are too small, have stains or holes, and those that have not been worn in the last year.

Organizing Tip:  Hang like items together & label boxes for out of season clothes.  To see my kids closets, click on the links below.


If you are new to the purge, start at the beginning HERE. Don’t forget to share your purge pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #abfol31daypurge.




One comment on “Purge Day 19: Kids Clothes

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been slowly working on this one. I have a 2 year old girl who gets tons of hand-me-downs! I feel like I’m drowning in tiny pink shirts and oddly colored leggings. I’m due any day with our second daughter, and I’m so reluctant to get rid of things, because I have no idea what will fit her in our off-again-on-again Texas seasons. Part of the problem is that the clothes come from my sister, who doesn’t want to get rid of anything, so I feel forced to keep more than I’d like. I’m trying to “train” my mother-in-law to buy fewer clothes that are much higher quality, but about quarterly she brings in 15 t-shirts and 10 pairs of stretchy pants off the clearance rack that don’t match anything and look ragged after 3 washes. It’s so frustrating, as I am much more of a minimalist. Any advice?

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