Purge Day 30: Under the Kitchen Sink

October 30, 2014


Day 30 Purge via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Welcome to day 30.  We are just about finished with our 31 Day long purge.  It’s been an exciting month and we have purged a lot.  There are only 2 tasks left and the first one is to purge under your kitchen sink.  Have a great day.


Purging under the kitchen sink via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Purge Day 30: Under the Kitchen Sink

Task:  Pull out everything from under your kitchen sink. Purge empty bottles, things that don’t belong & trash.  Wipe clean before putting everything back.

Organizing Tip:  Use containers & bins to organize cleaners, sponges, cloths, and brushes.  To see my organized space, click here and here.


If you are new to the purge, start at the beginning HERE. Don’t forget to share your purge pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #abfol31daypurge.



7 comments on “Purge Day 30: Under the Kitchen Sink

  1. Majik says:

    The area under the kitchen sink is like a forgotten zone in our house. I just checked it out to see what mysteries were lurking in this dark space. It looks must better now. I got rid of about a half dozen old sponges. I also added a stick-on light so I can see what is going on under there. Great reminder!

  2. Victoria says:

    Just wanted to Thank you for “Purge Month” I’m sad its going to be over. Thanks for motivating me to get these things done. I confess I didn’t finish all of them….Do you happen to have a print out list of each day handy? Thanks again for your wonderful blog!!!!

  3. Wow! Genius. I’m so inspired right now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. where did you get the cabinet organizers on the back of the cabinets?

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