2019 Home Organization Challenge Week 5: Living Room

February 2, 2019

Happy Saturday! Welcome back friends. You have made it through the first four challenges and now we are moving into the living room.  So far, we’ve organized the kitchen, pantry, dining room, and created a launch pad for the family. If you’re new to the 2019 challenge, we are so glad you’re here! Don’t worry, you are not behind. This program is designed so that you can complete the challenges on your own time and according to your own schedule. Instead of a week, you can spend a month or one day in each space. It’s up to you.

Print out the schedule and checklists below and begin on the current week. If you missed the first four challenges, re-visit them when you have free time. For encouragement, join our Home Organization Facebook community to share your progress, or struggles, or questions. Or simply look through the photos and read how others are doing.

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This week, we’re clearing the clutter and organizing the living room. If your living room is well lived in, you probably have a lot to do this week. Set aside a few hours and concentrate on purging things you no longer use or need. I’ve set up a simple process for you to follow. I challenge you to purge as much as you can. When purging, ask yourself these three questions: Do we use it? Do we need it? Can we live without it? Clear the clutter and begin with a clean slate.

THE ORGANIZING PROCESS PREPARE:  Gather 4 bins or boxes, one for each of the following.  

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash/Recycle
  • Other Room


  • Sort through everything on all shelves, the floor, drawers, tables, etc.  Divide it all into the 4 baskets listed above (or more if needed).  If you are able to, place the 4 boxes in another room (close to the living room), so you have an empty space to clean and organize.  Get rid of as much clutter as you can.


  • Clean the windows, blinds, frames & mirrors
  • Wipe down doors, baseboards, doorknobs and switch plates
  • Wipe down furniture (dust)
  • Remove couch cushions and vacuum
  • Pull the couch away from the wall and vacuum under/behind.
  • Vacuum/mop floors
  • Clean ceiling fan & lighting
  • Fluff throw pillows & wash if needed

ORGANIZE: It’s time to go through everything in the “keep” box. Put the other boxes where they belong. When organizing things in the keep box, remove one item at a time, categorizing it.  Below are some examples of what to organize together in the living room.  You can use a different shelf, basket, or drawer for each category.  Keep similar items together.

  • DVD’s & CD’s
  • Aromatherapy: Candles, wax melts, essential oils, etc.
  • Throw Blankets
  • Remote controls
  • Magazines (Only keep what you are currently reading)
  • Toys (I don’t keep toys in the living room)
  • Books (Consider going digital)

I love our new living room. It’s spacious and it’s cozy. I decorated it in a simple French design with a beautiful neutral palate. I only keep the necessities in this space. My kids are older so there are no toys, which helps keep it clean and clutter free.

I understand that many of you don’t have the space to put toys in other areas of the house. If that’s the case, use foot stools, baskets, or large bins, to keep them picked up & hidden when not in use.  Once you purge everything down to a manageable amount, the space won’t seem so cluttered. When sorting through the room, ask yourself if you really need all the stuff that’s in there.


I found this cabinet at Arhaus furniture. I keep our serving-ware inside.


When organizing this room, don’t forget to add some personal touches. It makes the space feel more cozy.


Under the coffee table, I keep a basket filled with candles.


We also keep a couple of game boards down here.


Our liquor stand is also organized.


I keep all of our wine and cocktail items in here.


Your living room can be functional and beautiful at the same time. Clear the clutter and reclaim this space!


My furniture: Arm chairs – Restoration Hardware, Sofas – Ikea, Coffee Table – Restoration Hardware, Liquor Cabinet – TJ Maxx, Curtains – Pottery Barn, Cabinet – Arhaus.


Here are several blog posts that will inspire you to get your Living Room organized.


For the perfect companion guide to our challenge, purchase The Complete Book to Home Organization. It includes all 14 weekly challenges as well as a ton of inspiration and tips about the spaces we will be organizing. No need to log onto the computer for ideas, this manual has it all!


If you need more guidance on cleaning your house, be sure order my book The Complete Book of Clean.  It has tons of tips and checklists that will teach you how to get your homes sparkling clean.


Sort through your living room this week. Purge all of the things that don’t belong. Follow the step by step process I’ve laid out for you. Share your progress on Instagram using the hash tag #abfolchallenge, blog about the weekly challenges, and  share your before and after pictures over at my Home Organization group here.  Hold yourself accountable and finish all 14 challenges! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish.  Good luck. I’ll see you back next week for the week 6 challenge. Happy Organizing!


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