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Month at a Glance: May 2014

    I just recently heard that May is a month of celebrations. Although true, I think it’s fair to say that May is a month of preparations for Summer. At least, here on ABFOL, that’s what it was. This month we did our best to get you ready for Read More

Month at a Glance: April 2014

    It’s hard to believe May is just a day away. April has been fun filled both at home and on the blog. This month we’ve been focused getting organized, staying on budget and cleaning the green way. If you missed it you can click on the following pictures Read More

Month at a Glance: March 2014

    With the completion of another month, we always enjoy looking back at all that has happened here on A Bowl Full of Lemons. This month we’ve been focused on getting out homes cleaned with our Spring cleaning series. If you missed it you can click on the following Read More

Month at a Glance: February 2014

I know February is the shortest month and all but did it seem to speed by even faster than ‘normal’?  Even with the crazy weather, ice, snow, heat waves… well maybe not heatwaves. It seems we’ve seen it all. This month has been filled with crazy weather but here on Read More

Month at a Glance: January 2014

Who is done with the cold, snow, ice, frigid artic blasts and short days/long nights?! I know I am. January has come to a close and that means we’re one step closer to Spring in all its glorious new life, warmer (sunnier) days, fresh air and relief from the winter.  Read More

Month at a Glance: December 2013

    It’s amazing how quickly the months go by and with December being packed full of gatherings, parties, ‘to do’ lists, shopping, decorating and so much more; I’m sure it’s easy to miss a post (or two).  This month, we took a month off from our Book Club but Read More

Month at a Glance: November 2013

As the end of the year rapidly gets closer, it’s fun to pause and reflect on where the year has taken us. The holiday season is in full swing and that can make it difficult to find time for ourselves and so I encourage you to pull on your comfy Read More

Month at a Glance: October 2013

It’s hard to believe that it was just the beginning of the month that the Rainbow Planner went live and even less than that since the holiday planner was revealed! Along with these amazing planners being introduced, we had a HUGE planner give away that included you all getting involved Read More

Month at a Glance: September 2013

    Where, Oh where did September go!? Isn’t it amazing how it seems like just yesterday we were shipping the kids off for the first day of school and yet it seems like there’s no way it just was a few weeks ago?  It’s been a busy month in Read More

Month at a Glance: August 2013

It’s with a heavy heart that I bid August farewell. The swimsuits and pool toys are being packed away and the school supplies are being dusted off.  Here on the blog, August was a fun-filled and busy month. If you missed any of it, don’t worry, this post is for Read More

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