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30 Day Purge: Day 30 Emails!

You made it! Today is the last day of the 2019 purge. I am so proud of you. Hopefully you have achieved a little more calmness in the spaces of your home. Make sure you take everything you have gathered this month to the charity shop or bless someone in Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 29 Jewelry

Today might be a mentally difficult purge. We hold on to so many things and some are hard to let go. Once I purged this area, I felt so much better though. You can do it too. DAY 29: Jewelry Pull out all of your jewelry and assess what you Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 28 Shower Products

One of the spaces we don’t typically think about when purging clutter is the shower. However this is a hotspot for such things. Let’s knock this space out today. DAY 28: Shower Products Take 5 minutes to empty the shower/bathtub of all products. Wipe the shelves quickly then assess what Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 27 Socks

Only 3 days left of the 2019 purge! Let’s finish strong. Focus and get it done. You can do it. DAY 27: Socks Take 5 minutes to pull out all of your socks from the drawer and match them. Purge the ones that don’t have matches. Also purge the socks Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 26 Candles

Today will be a simple purge day. However the little purges sometimes make the biggest impact. Enjoy the challenge and I will see you back tomorrow for another fun purge. DAY 26: Candles Take a couple minutes to gather up all of the candles in your home. Now purge the Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 25 Home Decor

Is your house starting to feel more calm? Simplified? I hope so. That’s the goal of this challenge. We have a few more days left and then we can send our purged items on their way. DAY 25: Home Decor Today, I want you to take a basket around the Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 24 Make up

We have one week left of the 2019 purge. I hope you are still participating. You will feel so great, once you complete the challenge. Let’s keep going. DAY 24: Make up It’s time to purge our old and expired make up. Empty your make up drawer or bag and Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 23 Books

I believe most of you will be participating in todays challenge. We all have books that we hold on to, for unknown reasons. We will never read some of them and they just keep collecting dust and taking up space. It’s time to take action. DAY 23: Books Take a Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 22 Under Kitchen Sink

Today will be an easy purge. We are back in the kitchen and purging under the sink. This space can get cluttered easily, so it’s good to purge 2-3 times a year. DAY 22: Under Kitchen Sink Take 5 minutes to empty out the cabinet. Toss empty bottles and purge Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 21 Coats

The weather is changing and it’s time to pull out our fall & winter coats. Let’s purge the old and tattered, and keep only what we love. DAY 21: Coats Pull out all of your fall & winter coats from hiding, so you can see them all together. How many Read More

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